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Canyoneers is the oldest commercial river rafting company on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park, continuously and singularly focused on trips through Grand Canyon since 1938. The unique experiences and expertise of our famous grandfather—pioneering adventurer Norman Nevils—have shaped our company’s ethics and commitment to sharing our love and knowledge of Grand Canyon and the river with our passengers.

From Norm Nevills, to son-in-law Gaylord Stavely, to Norm’s grandson Cameron Stavely and wife Laurie Lee (current managers), Canyoneers has been a family-owned and operated company, refining our guiding skills, designing and building “the most comfortable boats in Grand Canyon”, creating mouth-watering nutritious menus, and continually focusing on the safety and enrichment of the thousands of passengers we have taken into the Canyon.

And, our trips are uniquely suited to families and groups. Shorter trips offer greater flexibility for busy people—both younger and older—who appreciate getting to ride the river in in all its glory, hike many side canyon’s, and experience the awe of deep nature, in less lengthy timelines than other companies offer.

Last but not least, we take great pride in the professionalism and knowledge of our staff and guides. From the minute you reserve your trip, to moment you get back to Flagstaff from your epic adventure, you will be given everything you need to enjoy your journey. Our guides will take you on the experience of your lifetime, sharing their knowledge of geography, geology, history, ecology and more.

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Motor Trips: 4–8 Days
Oar Trips: 6–14 Days




“My second trip after a thirty year wait: What a unique place and concentration of natural beauty. Enjoyed the entertaining stories, great food, fun river companions and professional guides/crew. Nice side trips and hikes — informative trail and river history by pilots and guides. Will recommend for our kids and grandkids. Keep up the preservation efforts and economical access opportunity. P.S. Special thanks to Kolby, Jake, Heidi, and Brandon.”

~ Rob Strong, Full Grand Canyon motorized river trip

“We just concluded our trip on Saturday. It was one of the great experiences of my life. Caroline, Jake and Rachel did an extraordinary job and are consummate professionals. I have been in the Canyon 15 times since 1983, and this was clearly the most memorable and most enjoyable, and I will never forget it. Thank you for a superb trip.”

~ Tod Schleier, Full Grand Canyon motorized river trip

“I can hardly express my total satisfaction with my Grand Canyon experience on the Colorado! Your professional skill, and attitude made me feel so safe, and your teamwork with Jake, and Mark just added so much. I haven’t stopped raving about all of you and Canyoneers. I hope I will have the chance to come back to the Canyon again.”

~ Judy Wilson, Full Grand Canyon motorized river trip

“Thank you so much for providing a wonderful trip. The information provided regarding what supplies to bring was very helpful. The trip was well organized and expertly staffed. It is easy to see why Canyoneers, Inc. is the oldest and most respected company. The staff is friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable.”

~ Laurie & John Stockman, Full Grand Canyon motorized river trip

“Thanks for making this a truly unforgettable trip. My dad, brother and I could not have picked a better way to spend a week together. I will look forward to taking my two boys on this trip. P.S. Dave ‘the hiking guy’ was fantastic.”

~ Dave Swartz, Full Grand Canyon motorized river trip

“Canyoneers is a company with a great reputation of caring, and for providing a quality experience. The legacy of this company was with us each day by having the famous Nevills Cataract boat along on the trip. The quality of interpretation of the history and natural history of the canyon was superb. As you know, we‘re not strangers to the canyon, or a trip down the river. However, I know we can both safely say that of all the trips we have taken down the river, this was the most enjoyable and rewarding.”

~ Rob Arnberger (former Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park 1994-2000), Full Grand Canyon oar river trip


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