What to Bring & Pack

On the river, shorts and t-shirts are the usual wear but other clothing and equipment are necessary, too. A full “bring list” will be supplied to each passenger, but here is some important advance information: A full rainsuit rather than a poncho is recommended. Everyone must have a hat or cap and sunscreen. A small towel and soap — and it must be biodegradable. And a camera with lots of batteries, memory, or film!! See Trip Packets & Paperwork for a detailed bring list for each trip.

Passengers getting barbeque dinner in camp on Grand Canyon river running trip

We serve coffee, tea, juices, punch, and milk on the trips, and there is always plenty of fresh water available. We will also carry along any soda, beer, wine, or liquor you wish to purchase and have brought for you, however, your drinks must be in cans or plastic containers — no glass.

Sleeping bags are supplied for all partial canyon trips so you don’t have to carry extra weight on your hike in or out of the canyon, and may be rented at a nominal fee by full canyon passengers. Tents and sleeping pads are supplied for all passengers.

Canyoneers River Trip Supply Catalog