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Crazy Creek Chair

Crazy Creek Chair

Incredibly comfortable seat and good back support. 1/2″ foam pad covered in ripstop nylon with velcro closure straps and carrying handles. The Crazy Creek Chair is an ideal boat seat and can also be used in camp.

NOTE: On the motorized trips and rowed trips with motor support we provide a camp chair with legs for your use in camp, but it cannot be used on the boat. On the rowed trips without motor support, we may provide this Crazy Creek Chair rather than the camp chair with legs because space is limited.

Item #2203

  • $39.95

Duffle Bag

Water resistant duffle bag for Grand Canyon river running trips

Lightweight, water resistant, round body. Necessary for transferring belongings at end of trip. Great for those passengers on trips including duffle service into or out of the canyon. Flap protects zipper. 14″ x 30″.

Item #2110

  • $25.00

Ricksack & Carabiner Set

Ricksack and Carabiner Set

The only extra storage allowed. A see-through mini dry bag with fold-down waterproof closure and a sturdy metal carabiner to attach it to the boat. A convenient way to find and access your daytime essentials while on the boat. 8″ diameter x 13″ height.

Item #2201

  • $35.95


Carabiner to hold items on Grand Canyon river running trips

Carabiner straight gate closure made of polished aluminum. Great for attaching items for easy access.

Item #2202

  • $7.95

Pillow Case

Grand Canyon river running pillow case

Stuff your fleece or extra clothes inside to create a flannel-soft pillow. 13″ x 16.5″.

Item #2210

  • $14.95



Lightweight, compact, soaks up moisture like a sponge. Wringing out releases 90% of absorbed liquid. Machine washable, softens with each washing. 10″ x 14″.

Item #2212

  • $13.95

Water Bottle

Water Bottle leak proof

Designed specifically for the outdoors. Nalgene all-terrain with wide-mouth opening. Guaranteed leakproof. 32 oz.

Item #2103

  • $11.95

Biodegradable Soap

Dr Bronner Biodegradable Soap that is required in Grand Canyon

Dr. Bronner’s classic pure castile soap. Mild, multipurpose. Mandatory within the canyon. 4 oz. liquid.

Item #8102

  • $4.95

Lip Balm OR Super Salve

Lip Balm and Super Salve for dry conditions on Colorado River rafting trips

Lip Balm: A creamy herbal lip balm with SPF 25. Promotes the healing process. .16 oz. tube.

Item #8206 Lip Balm

  • $2.95

Super Salve: A medicinal herbal salve created for river runners and hikers. Promotes healing of dry skin, etc. 1.75 oz. plastic jar.

Item #8205 Super Salve

  • $7.50