Pre-Trip Reading

Most of our guests like to learn about the river and the canyon before starting their trip, and many continue reading about it afterwards. We stock a fine selection of historic and contemporary guidebooks and other publications on Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, and we’ve put together a few suggested titles below.

Check out our River Trip Supply Catalog for more interesting books. The catalog will also be mailed to you as part of the trip preparation package sent with our final trip billing.

Ammo Can Interp bookAmmo Can Interp, produced and co-written by Gaylord Staveley. Canyoneers’ own interpretive encyclopedia. History, archeology, geology, ethnology, tall tales, and mile-by-mile info on the river and terrain.

The Rapids and The Roar bookThe Rapids and The Roar, by Gaylord Staveley. Gaylord relates his part in the Canyoneers story, growing the struggling Nevills-Mexican Hat Expeditions into a modern-day outfitting service.

Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons bookExploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons, by John Wesley Powell. The classic narrative by Major Powell himself, with historic plates and line drawings.

Field Guide to Grand Canyon bookField Guide to Grand Canyon, by Stephen R. Whitney. An all-inclusive compilation of prehistory, history, flora, fauna, geology, climate, and current facilities and accommodations, with color plates.

Grand Canyon Story Behind the Scenery bookGrand Canyon, Story Behind the Scenery, by L. Greer Price. An entertainingly written explanation of the canyon’s formation.

Grand Canyon River Guide bookGrand Canyon River Guide, by Buzz Belknap. Geology, prehistory, flora, fauna, map of the river showing rapids and campsites. On waterproof paper.


Red flowers in Grand Canyon
John Wesley Powell chair on wooden boat in Grand Canyon
Striations in rocky cliffs at bottom of Grand Canyon seen on whitewater running trip
Grand Canyon condor seen on whitewater running trip