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Canyoneers motorized pontoon boat leaving Lees Ferry

Leaving from historic Lees Ferry, Arizona on the Colorado River to begin a Grand Canyon trip.
River trip motoring out from Lees Ferry

Trip Leader Brandon Green drives Boat Two from Lees Ferry, while Pilot Jacob Snyder departs with Boat One in background.
Navajo Bridge behind Grand Canyon river trip boat

River Guide Cassie Micheli drives the boat downstream on the Colorado River with Navajo Bridge on US 89A in the background.
Going into a small Marble Canyon rapid

Gliding down the tongue of a rapid in the Marble Canyon portion of Grand Canyon National Park.
Steep Grand Canyon walls reflecting on Colorado River boating trip

Smooth water gives you time to contemplate how narrow the riparian area (vegetation bordering the river) is.
End of a river day on Colorado River rafting trip

Late afternoon shadows in the Marble Canyon portion of Grand Canyon indicate that we will be stopping for our evening camp soon.
Canyoneers Grand Canyon rowed trip in Lava Falls

Our rowed inflatable boat in Lava Falls, the biggest rapid in Grand Canyon.
Swimming in Little Colorado River on a Grand Canyon river running trip

Passengers hike along the spectacular light blue waters of the Little Colorado River above its confluence with the Colorado River.
Evening meal in camp along Colorado River

Barbequed halibut steaks at camp. Dinner with a flair!
Canyoneers guide cooks scrumptuous meals on river trips

Trip Leader Marc Perkins cooking halibut steaks at our beach camp.
Wildlife in camp on Grand Canyon rafting tour

A Ringtail Cat with a passenger’s sports bra. These bold, almost tame animals are apt to plunder food and take whatever suits their fancy.
Stay at Phantom Ranch on Grand Canyon river rafting tour

Canteen entrance at historic, rustic Phantom Ranch, the only facility on the river at the bottom of Grand Canyon.
Cool off on hot day in rapid splashes on Grand Canyon whitewater tour

Sitting near the front of the boat through the big rapids provides excitement and a refreshing soaking on a hot desert day.
Canyoneers Grand Canyon whitewater rafting camp

Unloading the boat and setting up camp for the evening.
MORE PHOTOS —❯❯    2      3      4    5
Also see our Video Gallery.