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Guides playing guitar in side canyon excursion on river running trip

Jake and Brandon play and sing for the passengers on a side hike into Blacktail Canyon.
Shade canopy on beach for lunch stop on hot day in bottom of Grand Canyon

Canopy set up for shade on hot beach. Wading in the cold river provides instant refreshment.
Passengers enjoy playing in the very tall Deer Creek Falls on Grand Canyon boating adventure

100 foot Deer Creek Falls is a must see.
Green lush vegetation growing out of rocks along the Colorado River boating trip

Elves Chasm waterfall and lush vegetation.
Motorized pontoon boat pulling up to rock layers

Jacob Snyder parks the boat at the rocky ledges of the Havasu Creek mouth.
Motorized pontoon boating trip in Grand Canyon gives plenty of time to play on the beaches

Playing frisbee on the beach at camp.
Passengers hike up rocky trail on a rafting stop in Grand Canyon

Hiking up Havasu Creek Canyon. Except for a few narrow spots, most of the hike is quite easy and magnificent.
Havasu Creek blue waters are a favorite side canyon hike

The hike up Havasu Creek involves some wading, a good excuse to get into the famous light blue waters.
Motorized boat coming out of big rapids on Colorado River raft trip

Jake and Issac talk while the passengers view the scenery from inside the boat after another “down and in” major rapid run.
Boats parked at sandy beach for last camp night on outfitter whitewater rafting trip

Last camp of the 7 Day Full Canyon trip: Surprise Camp, just below the mouth of Surprise Canyon, Mile 249.
Passengers set up tents for the night while guides prepare a gourmet dinner on sandy beach in Grand Canyon

River guides Jake, Brandon, Cassie, and Issac prepare dinner at Surprise Camp.
A lone tent on sandy beach for the night

Grand Canyon beach camping: Pitch your tent or sleep under the stars along the river’s edge.
Rowing Colorado River on inflatable raft

Canyoneers rowed inflatable raft in Grand Canyon.
Passengers enjoy panoramic view of Grand Canyon cliffs and side canyons

Dayhikes allow you to experience the Grand Canyon up close.
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Also see our Video Gallery.