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Stopping to play along the Colorado River on a whitewater outfitter tour

Passengers wade in the cold river water to cool down during a lunch stop just above the mouth of the Little Colorado River.
Children floating with life preservers in Little Colorado River

Life jackets aren’t just for wearing on the boat! Floating down the Little Colorado River is lots of fun.
Walking down a sandy trail to play in the Little Colorado River

River Guide Cassie Micheli brings her inflated raft “Irwin” to the Little Colorado for passengers to ride.
See wildelife on Grand Canyon whitewater outfitter river trips

A Great Blue Heron along the edge of the Colorado River.
Canyoneers guides unload boat and begin cooking evening meal while rafting in Grand Canyon

Setting up our camp for another enchanting evening along the Colorado River.
Take day hikes on river running trips in Grand Canyon with Canyoneers

A day hike into the lush vegetation of a Colorado River side canyon.
Water swept rock formations in Grand Canyon side canyon

Side canyons have many spots for relaxing and viewing the ever changing geology formations.
Standing in small waterfall on Grand Canyon rafting adventure with Canyoneers

Trip Leader Marc Perkins and two young female passengers pose in Travertine Falls.
Lots of fresh food with delicious lunch stop along the Colorado River

Lunch stops typically mean a shady, sandy beach and freshly prepared sandwiches and salads.
Barbequed chicken on the grill when whitewater rafting in Grand Canyon

Dinner entrees vary each day: Prime rib, halibut steaks, barbeque chicken, Mexican, steak. Vegetarian meals are prepared on request.
Canyoneers stops at Phantom Ranch to explore

The boat stops at Bright Angel Beach for a Phantom Ranch visit. The Kaibab Suspension Bridge, where pack mules cross the river, is in the background.
Stay in Phantom Ranch cabins on Canyoneers river running trips in Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranch has rustic and exclusive accommodations. It’s the only facility below the Rim in Grand Canyon.
Canyoneers rowed historic cataract boat in big Grand Canyon rapids

Running a rapid in the historic cataract boat, the Sandra.
Rowed inflatable boats in Grand Canyon put you closer to the Colorado River rapids

Our rowed inflatable boat with steep canyon walls meeting the Colorado River.
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Also see our Video Gallery.