Testimonials about Our Grand Canyon River Rafting Tours

Passengers on motorized pontoon boat on Grand Canyon Colorado River whitewater rafting


“We stumbled onto a trip with Canyoneers through a website called Advantage Grand Canyon. We only had a specific timeline that we could go, and we got placed with Canyoneers. We had no idea how lucky we were. Having gone down the river and seeing all the other boats, I feel really blessed to have gotten to travel with Canyoneers. Our boat crew was incredible. Thank you Justin, Jason, Will and Jay Jay. The Canyon itself is breathtaking at every turn, and all your guide services will show you this. However, Canyoneers boats are just superior, and our four crew members were unbelievable. Given the comfort of the boat, the food, and the different hiking options at each stop, I can comfortably say that anyone, young or old can do this trip. I’ll never forget this trip, and I’ll definitely be back for another trip with Canyoneers!!” ~ Ben, Washington

“Traveling with Canyoneers is like traveling with friends.”

“My second trip after a thirty year wait: What a unique place and concentration of natural beauty. Enjoyed the entertaining stories, great food, fun river companions and professional guides/crew. Nice side trips and hikes — informative trail and river history by pilots and guides. Will recommend for our kids and grandkids. Keep up the preservation efforts and economical access opportunity. P.S. Special thanks to Kolby, Jake, Heidi, and Brandon.” ~ Rob Strong, from the June 12-18, 2011 All the Grand motorized river trip

“The two crews — Carolyn, Amity, Tom, and Drew — made this one of the most informative, enjoyable and interesting trips I’ve ever had. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the geology, history, and culture of the Grand Canyon, in remote times, has motivated me to do additional research into these matters. The camaraderie that developed within the groups will probably lead to continuous future contacts. The food was well prepared and excellent in quality. The stories we heard from Carol and the others really added a context to the trip that allowed us to understand the Canyon much better. This was a very comprehensive trip that included a diverse set of events — boating, hiking, history lessons, storytelling, time for reflection, etc. — that made this one of the best. I will certainly recommend this trip to others. THE CREW WAS EXCELLENT AND EXCEPTIONAL.” ~ George R. Garrison, Professor, Kent State University, from the June 5-11, 2011 All the Grand motorized trip

“I’m not a camper or outdoorsy at all, but this was fantastic. I learned so much about camping and boating, but most of all about the life on the river and the Grand Canyon. The meals were better than home, the guides were caring, funny, thoughtful and worked so hard! Jamie, Jake, Isaac and Rachel are wonderful and made the trip! Thanks for everything — especially the M&Ms.” ~ Karen Moore, from the May 1-7, 2011 All the Grand motorized river trip

“Thanks for making this a truly unforgettable trip. My dad, brother and I could not have picked a better way to spend a week together. I will look forward to taking my two boys on this trip. P.S. Dave ‘the hiking guy’ was fantastic.” ~ Dave Swartz, from the May 2, 2011 Best of the Grand motorized river trip

“After 35 years river experience, as both a guide and private boater, this is the finest crew I’ve ever had the pleasure of rafting with. They are excellent representatives of your fine company.” ~ Barry Black, from the May 1, 2011 All the Grand motorized river trip

“Before leaving home I really didn’t know what to expect with regard to creature comfort. …Well, our guides Carolyn, Drew, and Amity must be the best guides in the USA based on the way they took care of all of us. They had the rare ability to put us all at ease and because of them we all had the best time. Very happy I came and chose Canyoneers to guide me.” ~ Doug Turner, 2011

“Wow! We’ve traveled extensively throughout the world and because of the uniqueness of this experience, I can truly say this has been one of my favorite trips. The Canyoneers staff took great care of us, helping us to adapt to life on the river, keeping us entertained with a constant flow of true and tall tales, and feeding us much too well.” ~ Janny Strickland, from the April 23, 2011 river trip

Happy passengers on Grand Canyon river running trip“One year ago, on August 9th, my college roommate, Betsy, and I headed out on a Canyoneers 7-day motor trip down Grand Canyon. We were celebrating our 60th birthdays. Brandon, Amity, Drew, Nolan and then Matt were our guides. The memories are so clear, it could have been yesterday. As I continue to enjoy my retirement, it’s going to be difficult to have a more amazing, fun, thrilling, awe-inspiring experience.”

“From the moment we left Lee’s Ferry I was completely impressed with everything about the trip: the skill, knowledge, attention to safety, concern for our every comfort and Front view of motorized pontoon in Grand Canyonsupreme effort of the guides; the beauty and power of the river and canyon; the food (WOW); the side trips; the history and geology; the heat of the canyon and the cold of the river; the nights by the river with songs, stories, lessons, ringtail cats and scorpions; the stars and moonlight that were too beautiful to sleep through; the thrill of each rapid and the fellowship of the guides and other trip members. Betsy and I have talked often in the past year about this unforgettable trip. It is almost constantly in the back of my mind, ready to jump into vivid memories with the least provocation.”

Ringtail cat with passengers sports bra“I have to include one picture from our trip that I’m sure no one has ever captured before. The story behind it concerns my sports bra and a group of ringtail cats. Our first night out, Brandon was showing us scorpions and warning us not to leave tents and bags open. Too late, however, because I had come to the evening meeting without securing my gear. The next morning we heard stories of ringtail cats having looted many items, including a sports bra which nobody claimed. I didn’t realize, until almost the end of the trip, that it was MY sports bra. When I told Betsy about it, we laughed so loudly we woke up the entire camp up.” Photos courtesy Ann McConachie

“I hope this summer’s trips have been as wonderful as ours was.” ~ Ann McConachie

“This trip was NEVER on my bucket list, and I did not want to go. My wife’s [friends] canceled. I decided to come along. Well, I had a fabulous time. My favorite part was sleeping outside without a tent. I slept like never before. It is clear to me this crew [Brandon and Jacob] is more than professional. Both are friendly BUT on task all the time. They are many years younger than me, but they are leaders for sure. Loved it!” ~ Bill Cramer, from the April 17-23, 2011 river trip

“Your crew and your equipment make it possible to get the most out of this special kind of trip.” ~ Joann Campbell

“Like reliving Major Powell’s dangerous adventure under safe circumstances . . .” ~ Walt and Sandy d’Usseaux

“Good boat for those mean rapids.” ~ Jerry Webster

“The food was out of this world, and you guys really brought it all together.” ~ Ginny DuBroy

“Wow! What a way to celebrate our 34th anniversary; cake, candles, Grand Canyon, great companions and crew.” ~ Ed and Ardie Withrow

“Thank you for putting a tear in my eye, that’s hard to do . . .” ~ Frank Dilaura

“It was a fantastic experience, and the canyon weaved its magic for all of us. Canyoneers is a company with a great reputation of caring, and for providing a quality experience. The legacy of this company was with us each day by having the famous Nevills Cataract boat along on the trip. The entire crew demonstrated quality — technical competence, and educational competence. All of them knew their subject and shared wonderfully. The quality of interpretation of the history and natural history of the canyon was superb. The technical expertise of the boatmen in managing their rafts in challenging, sometimes risky situations, was exemplary. They also demonstrated wonderful sensitivity, and a good sense of humor. As you know, we ‘re not strangers to the canyon, or a trip down the river. However, I know we can both safely say that of all the trips we have taken down the river, this was the most enjoyable and rewarding.” ~ Rob Arnberger (former Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park 1994-2000) and his wife, Vera, Tucson, AZ

“Thank you so much for providing a wonderful trip. The information provided regarding what supplies to bring was very helpful. The trip was well organized and expertly staffed. It is easy to see why Canyoneers, Inc. is the oldest and most respected company. The staff is friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable.” ~ Laurie & John Stockman, Billings, MT

“Thank you for a wonderful experience! We were very impressed with all the guides’ knowledge of the geology, and ecology of the Grand Canyon, and their knowledge of its history and the explorers. We were very impressed with the team spirit of the staff. They were not cliquish, and included us in all the conversations, and showed equal interest in all the participants, and they had great camaraderie. We had great confidence in their boating skills, and always felt safe in their hands. It was not only an exhilarating experience, but educational and intellectually stimulating.” ~ John Price and Betty Putman, Monticello, AR & Titusville, FL

“Enjoyed the trip — a trip of a life time! The canyon is truly a wonder of the world. All the accommodations of Canyoneers were excellent. The personnel were extremely well prepared and qualified. Will recommend the trip to anyone!” ~ Wade Stockman, Rensselaer, NY

“What a trip! This fulfilled a lifelong wish and exceeded all expectations. I’m extremely pleased that we chose the oar-powered trip through the whole canyon. I couldn’t have wished for a better crew, or better traveling companions. One of my goals was to share the experience with my son, Devon, and I’m convinced as we wind up the journey, that this will be something he will always remember. I thought every member of the crew was great. Thank you Canyoneers.” ~ Hugh Shipman, Seattle, WA

“This is our first river trip with any commercial group. It was wonderful, and encouraging to have your great experienced, and helpful crew. We would highly recommend Canyoneers to anyone. Riding on the ‘Sandra’ and learning of its history was so special and the knowledge of the river which Jamie shared was great. And what great food!” ~ Ricki and Joe Mensching, Tucson, AZ

“Thank you all for the trip of a lifetime. We really appreciated all of your hard work, boundless energy, humorous stories and jokes, the canyon lore, and history, your way with the passengers, the amazing scenery, and side hikes, excellent food — have I left anything out? Oh yeah, a flash flood, and a rainbow, and ‘O Sole Mio’. You guys really outdid yourselves! We felt safe in the rapids in your capable hands, and we will recommend Canyoneers to all of our friends. Believe me, they will all be hearing about this trip for some time to come. Thanks again.” ~ Bridget & Jim Walsh, Mandeville, LA

“Once again, I want to thank everyone from Canyoneers for a great Grand Canyon adventure. I had a fantastic time. As usual, the crew, and everyone from Canyoneers were exceptional — courteous, caring, knowledgeable, and above all professional. As usual, your whole crew went out of their way to show me places that I haven’t seen before. As always, I loved riding the Sandra. It was great meeting Greg and listening to him relate his family history in the Canyon, and share his love of the river, and of the Sandra. I got to ‘fisheye’ on the Sandra through the big rapids of Horn Creek, Granite and Hermit. What an experience! It was great having Greg and the Sandra on the trip again this year, and I look forward to riding on her again on my next trip.” ~ Don Schumm, Chandler, AZ

“Our Best of the Grand was hands down the best vacation that Trip and I have experienced. The beauty and peacefulness of the canyon are breathtaking. We already miss laying in bed at night gazing at all of the stars. We really enjoyed the side canyon hikes, and playing in the waterfalls.” ~ Mary and Trip Heuchert, Baton Rouge, LA

“I can hardly express my total satisfaction with my Grand Canyon experience on the Colorado! Your professional skill, and attitude made me feel so safe, and your teamwork with Jake, and Mark just added so much. I haven’t stopped raving about all of you and Canyoneers. I hope I will have the chance to come back to the Canyon again.” ~ Judy Wilson, Clayton, CA

“What is great about Canyoneers, after 7 days with them, and looking at other rafts on the river, is that they are by far the most comfortable ride. We saw a lot of rather uncomfortable people in other rafts (7-day). We could move around, ride on the pontoons, ride in front, fisheye in the back — laughing, getting soaked. Canyoneers’ raft is the best thing out there. It is a real difference. If you want action, then get down front. If you want smooth, sit in back. Their raft is awesome. Move around. Not stuck in one place.” ~ Donald Mahler, Hillsborough, NJ

“We had a great time last week! Your company is extraordinary, and I’m trying to get my friends to join me for another trip next year with you.” ~ Jim Conley, Darien, CT

“I just returned from the September 14th 7-day motor trip through Grand Canyon, and am still living in that dream of majestic cliffs, and swift, wild rapids. I thought the trip was absolutely perfect, and plan to tell friends and family about my Canyoneers experience.” ~ Ronnie Ann Wainwright, Scottsdale, AZ

“We just concluded our trip on Saturday. It was one of the great experiences of my life. Caroline, Jake and Rachel did an extraordinary job and are consummate professionals. I have been in the Canyon 15 times since 1983, and this was clearly the most memorable and most enjoyable, and I will never forget it. Thank you for a superb trip.” ~ Tod Schleier, Phoenix, AZ

“First of all, I thank you very much for making our vacation very special. Not knowing anything about Canyoneers prior to this trip, it was just a coincidence that we were able to meet you. Your river guides were all professionals, and we were so many times amazed by what they have provided us. Geology, canyon biology, ecology, history, jokes, fabulous foods, all the fun, the ‘bucket heads’, all of them made our trip so great. Beyond all, all those great experiences may be ruined if the safety is not maintained, and they put safety on top of everything. It surely became our best trip ever that we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives. I have already started to recommend Canyoneers as the best pick for a Colorado River Rafting trip.” ~ Junichi Mukai and family, Schaumburg, IL

Grand Canyon cliffs reflected on smooth Colorado River
Passengers looking at Deer Creek Falls
Little Colorado River running over boulders
Smooth cut rocks shaped by water and erosion
Rigging motorized rafting pontoon boats in Grand Canyon
Hermit Rapid from South Rim Grand Canyon
Guide cooking steaks on the barbeque
Passengers exploring ancient indian dwellings in Grand Canyon
Bighorn sheep sited from Grand Canyon rafting boat
Passengers setting up their camp for the night
Passenger enjoying jacuzzi effect of Havasu Creek whitewater