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Upper Grand: 3-Day River Trip

The quickest way to enjoy whitewater rafting on the Colorado River and experience the vastness of Grand Canyon. On the morning of the 3rd day you’ll leave the boat at Bright Angel Beach and hike out of the canyon with our hiking guide to South Rim Grand Canyon Village. The hike is 9.5 miles, going up 5,000 feet in elevation. See trip details.

August 12, 2018 (Sunday)

List Price $1,195 per person


$597.50 per person

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All the Grand: 7-Day River Trips

All the Grand full canyon motorized river trip takes you through the entire Grand Canyon and all of its thrilling rapids. Each mile reveals new sights, rock formations, and beautiful side canyons. See trip details.

July 15, 2018 (Sunday)

August 12, 2018 (Sunday)

List Price $2,695 per person

$2,290.75 per person

15% Discount — Save $404.25 per person

New reservations only.

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Skylight City String Quartet Special Trips in August 2018


Canyoneers is proud to present the Skylight City String Quartet on three whitewater rafting trips in August 2018. Passengers will have the unique experience of hearing the quartet’s inspiring music in the Grand Canyon’s majestic natural auditoriums.

The quartet will perform in special venues along the river, various side canyons, and some evenings in camp. These special trips offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for music lovers and add an emotional depth for all participants.

The Skylight City String Quartet will accompany the trips below. There is no extra charge. See details of each trip at these links:

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