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Special 2017 String Quartet 10-Day Full Canyon Motorized Trip

Seattle Symphony quartet playing on Grand Canyon river tripCanyoneers presents a full canyon 10-day motorized trip featuring a string quartet from the Seattle Symphony. This trip takes you through the entire Grand Canyon where they will be performing in majestic natural auditoriums.

Each mile reveals new sights, side canyons, and rock formations. Their music will be provided in special venues along the river, various side canyons, and some evenings in camp.

There is no need to hike into or out of the canyon at the beginning or end of the trip. Just come to Flagstaff, and we will return you to Flagstaff at the end of the trip. Enjoy the beauty of the canyon with a lifetime experience for music lovers.

This is the same trip as our All the Grand except this special trip is 10 days, rather than 7 days. Read about the All the Grand trip. For complete details on the Special String Quartet trip and information on what to bring, the weather, links to hotels, transportation and more, download our Special 2017 String Quartet 10-Day Trip Packet (pdf).

August 31, 2017 (Thu.)

$3,761 per person – deposit $600 per person

Seattle Symphony string quartet playing in Grand Canyon on rafting trip