Welcome to Canyoneers, the oldest river running outfitter in Grand Canyon, operating since 1938 and still family owned. Our roots run deep in the Grand Canyon, and we love showing our customers what Grand Canyon river country is all about!

Rafting with Canyoneers is truly a new reality as you leave your old life behind and drop into the depths of the Grand Canyon gorge, riding on the swells of the mighty Colorado River. The canyon formations, colors, and river movement are your new reality for the duration of your trip!

Your days will be exciting and relaxed as we soak up the sun and cool down in the spray of the rapids on our floats downriver towards our evening campsites. Along the way, we’ll stop to hike some of the Canyon’s most unique and beautiful geologic wonders, frolic and play in the warmer side canyon streams, view waterfalls and lush vegetation, and investigate archeological dwellings of the ancient ones.

Our guides have extensive knowledge and training in Colorado River rafting and the challenges of Grand Canyon’s arid desert environment. They’ll bring you through the rapids safely while you enjoy the ride! They also have the answers to the multitude of questions that will flood your mind as it encompasses the vast and awesome nature of your new Grand Canyon reality.

Canyoneers offers two types of Colorado River whitewater rafting trips — motorized pontoon boats and rowed, oar powered inflatable boats. The motorized trips allow you to experience and see more in a shorter time period than the slower moving rowed boats. Our rowed trips are accompanied by the Sandra, an historic wooden cataract boat that takes you back into history running the Colorado River like the pioneers of yesteryear. We also have trips for hikers who want to hike into or out of the Grand Canyon.

Our trip schedules accommodate our customers’ diverse touring schedules. On a motorized expedition, you can see the canyon wonders along the entire length of the Grand and ride every whitewater rapid in only 7 days. Or view two-thirds of the Grand in 5 days, or the upper portion in 3 days. For the more leisurely rowed trips, allow 14, 9, and 6 days for the same tours.

We have three different Colorado River rafting trips, and each one has various options. To decide which trip is right for you, start with our general info on all trips. See each trip’s individual page for complete trip details and available dates and rates for 2018 and 2019:  All the Grand    Best of the Grand    Upper Grand

Our video galleries and photo galleries give great visuals of what to expect, see, and learn on your Grand Canyon whitewater adventure! Read our customers’ reviews about their rafting experiences with us.

Testimonial from Rob Arnberger, former Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park 1994-2000

“It was a fantastic experience, and the canyon weaved its magic for all of us. Canyoneers is a company with a great reputation of caring, and for providing a quality experience. The legacy of this company was with us each day by having the famous Nevills Cataract boat along on the trip…

The entire crew demonstrated quality technical competence and educational competence. All of them knew their subject and shared wonderfully. The quality of interpretation of the history and natural history of the canyon was superb. The technical expertise of the boatmen in managing their rafts in challenging, sometimes risky situations, was exemplary. They also demonstrated wonderful sensitivity and a good sense of humor.

As you know, we’re not strangers to the canyon or a trip down the river. However, I know we can both safely say that of all the trips we have taken down the river, this was the most enjoyable and rewarding.”

~ Rob Arnberger and his wife, Vera, Tucson, AZ


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Special 2018 Trips with the Skylight City String Quartet

Special Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips accompanied by Skylight City String QuartetThe Skylight City String Quartet will accompany three whitewater rafting trips in August 2018. This is an opportunity for passengers to experience the quartet’s inspiring music in the Grand Canyon’s majestic natural auditoriums at no additional charge. Read more about these unique 2018 river running adventures.

Canyoneers provides camp chairs for your use at our evening campsites along the river.
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